Hadong Wealthy Temple Stay

Tired of the city?
Want to start fresh for the new year, come with us on the very first trip to Hadong!
We will be doing a temple stay at one of Korea's most famous temples where there are legends of people received fortune of the wealthy and living a wealthy life.
If you come in a group you can get an even cheaper price on top of an already cheap price! (For the first 10 people to sign up will get a free case of Korean Traditional Tea!)
Don't miss out.

In Korea there is a long standing tradition where people go to Hadong and pray at the Chilbul Temple for wealth, most pray for wealth as in money, but deep in the meaning for this tradition is to pray for a wealthy life, to be truly happy.
While on this trip you will get to do a temple stay in one of the most well known temples in Korea, as well as visit the village and go snow sledding in the biggest sledding park in Korea.
For what you are getting you can't beat this price. If you come in a group you can get an even bigger discount so don't miss out on this amazing chance.

* Package includes: :

  • Round trip bus
  • Temple accommodations.
  • Food included
  • Sledding
  • Performances
  • and more.

* Price

Departing from Daegu and Ulsan: 75,000 KRW
For Groups over 3 people 69,000 KRW.
For groups over 5 people 65,000 KRW.

**100% Refunds will be given 1 week prior to the event
**No Refunds will be given after

If you want to sign up email us at chopstickswide@gmail.com

* Schedule :

  • Saturday (1/14) Pick Up:
    – Daegu- 10:20 am (삼성라이온스파크/2호선 대공원역 Samsung Lions Park/2nd line Daegu Great Park)
    – Ulsan- 08:30 am (태화강역 Taehwagang station)
  • Sunday (1/15) Drop Off:
    – Daegu- 5:30 pm (삼성라이온스파크/2호선 대공원역 Samsung Lions Park/2nd line Daegu Great Park)
    – Ulsan- 7:30 pm (태화강역 Taehwagang station)

* Sign up at the link below and get your spot on the trip! :

* Contact info :

  • Email: chopstickswide@gmail.com
  • English Phone Number: 010-9898-5047 (Mason)
  • Korean Phone Number: 010-2357-7878 (Geoff)
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“Korea’s Alps Hadong – ChopsticksWide”

“Wealthy Adventure!”

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  • STEP 1 : Determine # of people or options, proceed to checkout and enter the required information.
  • STEP 2 : Please make a payment and complete the booking.
    – Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.
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    – Phone : 010-9372-4685 (ChopsticksWide / Simon Kim)
    – E-mail : chopstickswide@gmail.com

[ Account information ]

  • Bank-name : IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Account-number : 151-130875-01-016
  • Account-name(Eng) : Chopstickswide Inc
  • Account-name(Kor) : (주)찹스틱스와이드


  • If you want to cancel the reservation :
    • Cancellation prior to 3 Days : Amounts will be refunded 100%
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    • Cancellation prior to 1 Days : Amounts will be refunded 30%
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