Hapcheon Vacance Festival_July 27

  • Date : SatJuly 27 
  • Location : Hapcheon Yellow Beach
  • Our Deal Includes:
  • Round-trip bus from Daegu (will consider sending buses to other areas if we get at least 30 ppl confirmed from there)
  • Color Run race
  • Massive water gun fight (free water guns for you!)
  • Riverside waterpark/waterslide experience (optional and will cost extra)
  • Bare-handed fish-catching experience
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Food trucks for ppl wanting to buy more food/drinks (at your own cost)
  • Please note that we are currently updating this page at the moment so some content may not be accurate.
  • Please email us at chopstickswide@gmail.com to receive a prompt response with timely info.



[ Festival stories ]

Ever heard of Holi Hai or Mudfest in Korea? Well, this is the new thing that ChopsticksWide started up with Hapcheon government in 2017 and is aiming to grow bigger and better with each year! Located just an hour west of Daegu, a perfect mixture of fun and nature awaits this July. Discover what all the excitement was about last year when we took 100 lucky individuals to the Color Run and waterpark for a dirt-cheap price! Book now to secure the cheapest rates before prices go up once we get closer to the event day!

[Photos & Videos]



[ How to purchase a ticket ]

If you would like to purchase immediately, please contact us by msg or e-mail.
– Phone : 010-2590-1736(ChopsticksWide / Craig) If no answer, send an SMS and we’ll reply ASAP
– E-mail : chopstickswide@gmail.com

[ Account information ]

  • Bank-name : IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Account-number : 151-130875-01-016
  • Account-name(Eng) : Chopstickswide Inc
  • Account-name(Kor) : (주)찹스틱스와이드


  • If you want to cancel the reservation :
    • Cancellation 3 days before event: Amount will be refunded 100%
    • Cancellation 2 days before event: Amount will be refunded 50%
    • Cancellation 1 day before event: Amount will be refunded 30%
  • If you did not redeem your tickets :
    • If you do not redeem your ticket before the expiry date, the ticket becomes invalid and is non-refundable.