EcoSTEAM workshop – Mar. 2_English

  • Date : SatMar.2, 1pm-4pm
  • Location : At Daegu iACT (
  • Our Program on this day includes:
  • Students will learn in tech class about how to use coding to make their own animated movies!
    In art class, kids who attended our sculpting class two weeks ago will now get to paint their dried clay creations while new kids can learn to make and design colorful, clay donuts!
    Plus, in our life hacks class, kids will learn about the science behind science and crime scene investigations!
  • Theater Sports is what we do in between classes to teach kids about the basics of acting and self-expression!
  • Bus (if leaving from the Camp Walker/Nam-gu area)
  • Pricing:  Please contact for pricing, as we have some variable pricing options.
  • Max. participants : 20 students (10 Korean students/10 international students)
  • Please note that we are currently updating this page at the moment so some content may not be accurate.
  • Please email us at to receive a prompt response with timely info.

Upcoming EcoSTEAM Workshops in 2019 (please be sure to book for any of these in advance as we have limited space!)

  • Mar. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Workshop Overview
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  • Every Saturday, we operated English-based STEAM workshops from 1-4pm just north of Daegu Station at iACT, a university/government research lab (weekday and afterschool workshops also being planned)
  • Free bus service to/from Camp Henry, Gate 2. Pick up at 12:30pm and we drop off at 4:30pm. Other bus locations are possible if more convenient. Just ask!
  • Free open houses to kids and parents who want to try out a workshop before deciding to join regularly!
  • We offer 3 different themed classes plus activities in between classes. Primary classes include tech focus (coding, apps, 3D printing, etc), art focus (painting, sculpturing, science-influenced art experiments, etc) and life hacks (creating and inventing through use of household items). Acting workshops and children’s theater coming soon! As well as specialized learning tracks (ie. if kids only want 3 hours of coding and tech, 3 hours of art-related learning or mix of everything)
  • Flexible pricing for according to grade (ie, E-6 or lower) and number of children in your family. Just email, text or call us and we’ll talk! 010-2590-1736 or
  • Referral program is in operation where EcoSTEAM families can receive free, continuous workshops if they introduce other families and they join our program.
  • Tuition is monthly, however, if you need to cancel at least once per month, you can be credited and can use the credit on your next EcoSTEAM visit (must be the following weekend, however). Families who paid monthly tuition and canceled 2 or more workshops in a month cannot be credited for the missed time (aside from the first cancellation mentioned in the preceding sentence).
  • Lots of benefits for EcoSTEAM families such as free local tours in Daegu and the region, free translation and booking service whenever you need while in Daegu, and more!


  • Mar. 2 Animated movie-making through coding; Learning the science of CSI and crime scene investigations, fingerprinting, etc; clay donut making
  • Mar. 9 Stop Motion Animation; Coding-influence art experiments; Robot sandwich making activity
  • Mar. 16 Robotic car development and racing; Pottery art innovation; Drone tech training in our drone facility


Chopstickswide is teaming up with local governments, NGOs and private companies to bring the caliber and quality of STEM/STEAM workshops for youth that would commonly be found in the Silicon Valley area.

With the aim to prepare Daegu’s Korean and foreign youth for the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are working with education outreach programs from universities such as Stanford and Caltech, as well as Green Energy education leaders like PG&E of Northern California. We are then applying the integrity of those education influences to local industry initiatives in the Daegu area in the form of fun STEM/STEAM labs, 3D printing labs, IoT, drone technology and testing environments, VR tech, Green Energy like solar and fuel cells, robotics and coding.

Every Saturday, we are holding these workshops from 1pm-4pm at our facilities throughout Daegu, such as iACT, Daegu YMCAs new building and Daegu Art Factory. Our Korean and foreign instructors will be creating fun educational experiences that are different each weekend while we also incorporate field trips and job shadowing at local companies and NGOs related to these 21st century tech and green energy concepts we study.

Kids will also have internship opportunities through these relationships and can also receive certification as they advance their skills in our labs, which they can add to their future resumes when applying to universities or in their future job pursuits.

We can support content and programs for those in their elementary school years up to high school.

Lunch and buses will be provided to shuttle kids from the Camp Walker area and back, and also to any field trip excursions we have planned for any given Saturday. Families living in other parts of the city are welcome to take our bus from Daegu’s Nam-gu area or parents can drop off their kids at our facilities.

Also, as Korean kids will be in attendance, there will be some group structures geared to English level, but in some cases, we mix kids together according to role and particular skill levels when communication is less a priority than project objectives. We also will be conditioning kids with leadership traits and roles suited for future project management structures through the introduction of many principles found in JA (Junior Achievement) in the US, as well as work/life principles taught in Dale Carnegie training.

In the future, we will also be bringing guest lecturers from overseas who are specialized in certain tech fields or leadership training, and we will also be coordinating overseas trips to participate in STEM challenges and camps through our education alliance partners in Asia as well as the Silicon Valley area.

Please email for more info on pricing or to book for our future workshops.

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  • If you would like to purchase immediately, please contact us by msg or e-mail.
    – Phone : 010-2590-1736(ChopsticksWide / Craig) If no answer, send an SMS and we’ll reply ASAP
    – E-mail :

[ Account information ]

  • Bank-name : IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Account-number : 151-130875-01-016
  • Account-name(Eng) : Chopstickswide Inc
  • Account-name(Kor) : (주)찹스틱스와이드


  • If you want to cancel the reservation :
    • Cancellation prior to 3 Days : Amount will be refunded 100%
    • Cancellation prior to 2 Days : Amount will be refunded 50%
    • Cancellation prior to 1 Day : Amount will be refunded 30%