Daegu Youth Festival (2017.10.28)

Experience Daegu Youth Festival Challenge and earn prize money!
Free cash prizes of up to 300,000won! Free food and drinks! 
Experience a few hours of crazy fun in downtown Daegu, on Sat. Oct. 28!

Price: Free! (But limited space available, so book now!)

Questions and bookings : chopstickswide@gmail.com
Phone Number : 010-2357-7878(Geoff)
Line and Kakaotalk ID : chopstickswide

This event is supported by Daegu city government.



[ Includes (and remember, this is all free!!)]

– Chance to win as much as 300,000 won through a fun and hilarious scavenger hunt!
Free lunch! Plus loads of kiosks and experience tents along the festival roadway!
– Live music and performances!
*Bring your friends and make a team!
  If you are coming alone, we’ll organize you into another team. So don’t be shy!

Book now! chopstickswide@gmail.com

[Overview of Daegu Youth Challenge]

The event starts off at 2:20pm by the main stage (next to Daegu Department Store). Our ChopsticksWide staff will be right near there. Please pre-register your groups (or individually if without a group and we’ll team you up) by emailing us at chopstickswide@gmail.com. On-site registration is not possible. Only pre-registration via email is allowed! On the event day, send your designated group leader to our tent to check in while the rest of your group hangs back, so we don’t overcrowd our area.

Between 3pm-5pm, the scavenger hunt challenge will take place.

Then, head back to the stage at 5pm with your list and show your selfie pics of you completing your missions. Until 5:30, relax for a bit while we check the results of each team. Between 5:30-5:50, we’ll be announcing winners, posing for group photos, then we’ll be treating everyone to dinner (your choice of a variety of selections.).

Here are the details on this next part:

This is a free game-based cultural experience program that we do for Daegu Youth Challenge and we try to make it different each year.
Prizes are given to winners who complete a list of ‘missions’ that we will hand out via paper (not using the app this time).

In addition to having to go through all missions/scavenger hunt tasks, each team member will be given a balloon tied to a string. That string then needs to be tied a part of your clothing, like a belt loop. In addition, you will be given toothpicks. You need to covertly pop the balloons of other teams when they aren’t looking. You can improvise by coming up behind them, tugging the string to bring the balloon closer and popping it. Or you come up with a way to fire the toothpick at balloons by using a rubber band and cocking it with your fingers. Basically, the teams with the most preserved balloons (and you can’t hide or conceal the balloons under clothing, etc) will have extra points added to their totals at the end.

Each team will perform the given missions according to the checklist your team leader will be given.

 (ie. Make a human pyramid and take a group pic! Bonus points for getting two strangers to join you in the pyramid. 

Winners and runners-up will receive a total of 300,000 won to be shared. Winners will be determined according to who finishes all of the missions the quickest, plus special consideration will be made for creative photo submissions in their group selfies of missions.

Book now! chopstickswide@gmail.com
Please be sure to reserve well in advance as there is limited space for this event.

[ Schedule]

* Date / Oct. 28, 2017 (Sat) 

* 2: 20 – 3:00  / Meetup at the main stage, check-in your groups. Opening ceremony and event overview to follow.

* 3: 00 ~ 5: 00 / Daegu Youth Challenge begins!

* 5: 00 ~ 5: 30 / Checking of results of all team submissions

* 5: 30 ~ 5: 50 / Prize issuance and taking group photos

*5:30~ / Dinner time!


[Getting There / Transportation]

Meetup at main stage by Daegu Department Store in downtown Daegu. Easily accessible by Banwoldang Station and ample underground parking in the area.

[For more info and to reserve a spot]

– Email: chopstickswide@gmail.com
– Phone Number: 010-2357-7878 (Geoff)
– Or Line and Kakaotalk ID: chopstickswide


[ How to purchase a ticket ]

  • STEP 1 : Determine # of people or options, proceed to checkout and enter the required information.
  • STEP 2 : Please make a payment and complete the booking.
    – Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.
  • STEP 3 : Please check your email.
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    – You can show the QR code or email voucher instead of the ticket to enjoy the activity or enter the tour site.
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    – Phone : 010-9372-4685 (ChopsticksWide / Simon Kim)
    – E-mail : chopstickswide@gmail.com

[ Account information ]

  • Bank-name : IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Account-number : 151-130875-01-016
  • Account-name(Eng) : Chopstickswide Inc
  • Account-name(Kor) : (주)찹스틱스와이드


  • If you want to cancel the reservation :
    • Cancellation prior to 3 Days : Amounts will be refunded 100%
    • Cancellation prior to 2 Days : Amounts will be refunded 50%
    • Cancellation prior to 1 Days : Amounts will be refunded 30%
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    • If you do not redeem your ticket before the expiry date, the ticket becomes invalid and is non-refundable.