Awakening the World to Authentic Korean Culture – 2018 Autumn Miryang Odyssey

  • FREE SPECIAL PROGRAM for foreigners!
  • Discover the world-renowned magic and visual appeal of the evening Arirang Odyssey Performance, plus dinner!
  • DATE : 2018. 10.13
  • LOCATION : Miryang Arirang Festival grounds and surrounding area
  • Limited space available! Better book fast
  • Additional features : Dinner, Round-trip bus
  • Max. participants : 40 people



Located just a short 30-40 min south of Daegu lies Miryang, home to one of the most culturally enriched performances in Korea that merges ancient Korea sentiment with 21st century technology in the form of its dazzling night performance. Have a look at our video of a previous Miryang event (please note that we are not offering a 2D1N tour of Miryang, which the video shows. Just the night performance is what we wish to show you here)

miryang movie

As we’ve done for the past few years, we are bringing foreigners from the region on a visit on this day of fun and mystique.

A free trip an hour south of Daegu which will include round-trip bus, dinner, a visit to a picturesque lake and seats at the famed Odyssey evening performance.

This trip is in high demand and participants from previous years frequently sign up again, so be sure to book ASAP!

[ Photo & Movie ]

Miryang River ODYSSEY



[ Include ]

  • Round-trip bus
  • Dinner
  • Wiyangmot Lake tour
  • Miryang Odyssey Night Performance

[ Itinerary ]

  • 16:00 ∼ 17:00 / Downtown Daegu ⇒ Miryang
  • 17:00 ∼ 18:00 / Dinner, sightseeing of famous pond area
  • 18:00 ∼ 18:30 / In transit to performance area
  • 18:30 ∼ 19:00 / Getting our seats and everyone situated in prime seating area
  • 19:00 ∼ 21:00 / Miryang Odyssey Night Performance
  • 21:00 ∼ 22:00 / Miryang ⇒ Daegu

[ Location ]

Address : 249-1 Sammun-dong, Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea


[ How to purchase a ticket ]

  • If you would like to book immediately, please contact us by msg or e-mail.
    – Phone : 010-2357-7878 (ChopsticksWide / Geoff)
    – E-mail :

[ Account information ]

  • Bank-Name : IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Account-number : 151-130875-01-016
  • Account-name(Eng) : Chopstickswide Inc
  • Account-name(Kor) : (주)찹스틱스와이드


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