2019 Earth Day Ecomon Challenge (Sun., Apr 28)

  • Date : 10:00am-4pm, Sun. Apr 28, 2019
  • Location : Roadway between Banwoldang and Daegu Station (meet at Chopstickswide booth, but you must register in advance)
  • Program : Daegu Urban Walk, Ecomon Challenge (photo scavenger hunt of people wearing costumes of extinct of near extinct animals throughout downtown), Earth Day Experiential Booths
  • Additional features : Free t-shirts, cash prizes, free food!
  • Max. participants : 200 people
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[ Event ]

An incredibly fun experience for families and thrill-seekers looking to do something unique in the downtown core. A street full of eco-centric experiential booths and a hilarious team event and competition related to Earth Day. Plus cash prizes for the top 3 teams! Free food! And t-shirts for everyone!

Get your teams ready for this free event that will be a great way to finish off the hot summer!

10:00~10:30 Arrival and event registration + receive food stamp for lunch
11:00~11:30 Opening ceremony
11:30~12:30 Daegu Downtown Stroll Event
12:30~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:30 Team assembly for Ecomon Challenge (scavenger hunt)
13:30~15:00 Ecomon Challenge
15:00~15:30 Scoring and assessing winning team photos
15:30~16:00 Awards ceremony and group photos

장소 : 중앙파출소 앞

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