In Search of Chicken Parm in Korea

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In Search of Chicken Parm in Korea

With the Golden Globes just wrapping up in LA, much of the takeaway from this year’s award gala revolved around Leo and The Revenant and the risque tone of host Ricky Gervais, with his annual pledge to push the proverbial envelope a little further.

But one thing that stirred up a lot of buzz behind the scenes was the catering. Specifically, the media backstage all received some amazing chicken parm sandwiches, the taste of which sent some of them blissfully tweeting.

Which brings us to this side of the Pacific, where the answer to chicken parm sandwiches receives…silence. With exception to MADE in Seoul’s Sinsa-dong, of course.

Created by San Francisco’s Kummi Kim, MADE brands itself as an ‘American Bistro in Seoul’ with Italian-American menu influences. Which would naturally mean that meatball-centric dishes and chicken parm sandwiches are going to grace the menu with their respective presences. But Kummi doesn’t restrict her culinary orbit to circle around those staples. A compelling brigade of eggs benedict concoctions brings life to the rest of the wider brunch army she turns out during weekdays, while the weekend brunch enlists the help of biscuits, gravy and chicken, among others.



More food discoveries that make MADE truly exclusive in this part of the world can be found on its website.



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