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Daegu Bloggers/Vloggers Open Call



For those who are unfamiliar, ChopsticksWide is a destination marketing agency in Daegu that works on behalf of local governments and NGOs as a means to raise the tourism profile of the region as well as boost the amenities and conveniences for foreign residents. We always have a lot going on, ranging from free festivals and events, camping trips, familiarization tours, and much more. You can see a lot more about what we do and have been doing via our popular FB Fanpage as well as our Instagram. We also operate the largest FB Group in Daegu for expats as well as the largest group for expats all over Korea. And our marketing reach has not gone unnoticed throughout the country, as we’ve been designated as an official marketing partner of Everland and offering up to 50% off to foreign visitors, plus we’ve been securing great opportunities in other cities and regions.

Currently, we have a lot of programs and events geared to expats and particularly foreign families, such as our English-based STEAM workshops that we operate through in conjunction with YMCA, Kyungpook National University and local govts and NGOs. Plus loads of fun events and festivals that govt wants us to help manage and promote to foreign families.


We really need your help in raising awareness of all these kinds of programs and events. So we are actively seeking an influencer network to create expat-friendly and family-friendly content for our online promotion on our blog, FB and Instagram, as well as our monthly newsletters that we send out. We are looking for expats who have a strong online or offline network and have an eagerness to create content and share it widely, while we promote it heavily.


Here’s what we are offering:

  • Free food, free entrance, etc. We would work with you on determining certain cafes, restaurants or venues that would appeal to your network (ie. families). Our staff would then coordinate with these businesses for us to come there and have you shoot pics and chronicle your experience, while we also arrange for video to complement the blog content. In many cases, our staff will already have ideas on where to send you, so you don’t need to feel like you have to do any research on what to blog about. But basically, you’d be getting a food/venue budget to work with. Either through our negotiation with the business and/or our company pays for it. For example, having eggs benedict brunch with a friend at a funky rooftop cafe would be covered, you just take pics, gather info and talk with staff and gather essential info you feel would be worth sharing. We want to do this at least 2-3 times per week to start and see how things go. Not 2-3 times per week per person. In total. So we are hoping for at least 2-3 people to do 1 blog or vlog each week and then we see about bringing on more people or giving more workload to existing bloggers.
  • Wide exposure of your content. As mentioned, we would be promoting your content widely through our online social media and blog, as well as our monthly offline newsletter. Your name and credit would be out there to give proper credit.
  • Free access to our programs and events. As we said above, we have a lot of stuff going on. Some programs and events are free, but some are a bit more robust and have some costs. You wouldn’t need to worry about that, though. For example, if you have kids, your kids can attend our STEAM workshops at no cost. Same with 2-day, 1-night events that we often do around the country. All expenses paid. You just need to keep in mind to blog about it and keep your network informed about these fun events.

Funky cafes are waiting to be reviewed!


The kind of places we will be sending you out to will vary. In some cases, we will suggest funky cafes, burger places, BBQ restaurants, rooftop cafes, hanok cafes, but also things like Eworld, massive kids cafes, museums, splash pads, etc. We also have a range of hobby classes we want to send some bloggers out to, such as macaron-making workshops, cake decoration, flower arranging, etc. We will consult with you on your interests to determine where would be best for you to go.

Stay in pool villas or upscale hotels looking to appeal to foreigners!

Try out some local hobby workshops like cake or macaron design and share your experience!


No subjective review. We don’t want blogging style that is like “I ordered this and it tasted like this, etc’, ‘I thought the blahblah tasted like, etc’. This is not necessary to avoid negative reviews, but just to remove subjectivity, as everyone has different tastes. We want you to instead focus on what the place offers, why it’s appealing to your target readership and find a ‘story within the story’. Such as learning about the owner’s background or influences behind the establishment, etc. Get to know the staff (as much as possible depending on language issues). We would also be supporting you where we may have staff come along in some cases for translation support. Or we would at least get the background information from them over the phone, translate that and share with you to incorporate into the blog post.

Picture Angles. Please be mindful of your natural lighting and don’t take straight-down overhead shots of plates. Consider a crowded look of your plating composition. Here are more tips: https://www.shopify.com/blog/food-photography-tips 

We’ve got a lot of experience with publishing national and regional magazines and newspapers in the past and have often had to go back and reshoot because the original photog didn’t consider lighting or plating very well. So to address this issue, we’ll send you some Instagram pics of how others have shot that venue and we’ll send you some suggested pics in consideration of lighting and angle, etc.

Vlog/Blog format. We use WordPress for our blogging and can give you access to that. Or if you prefer, send us via a Word or Google doc and we’ll take care of the rest. If you prefer vlogging instead of blogging, we can handle that and can also handle the editing if you need. Or you can send us a rough edit of your video content and we can polish it with our video editors.

Payment. In some cases, we will have pre-arranged payment with the business but in some cases, we might ask you to pay, take a picture of the receipt and send us, and we would reimburse you or wire directly to the owner’s bank account when possible.

Have questions or ideas? Let’s start talking about it by having you submit the below form:




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