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About ChopsticksWide

Waking Up the World to Korea and the Rest of Asia in a New Way

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CSW is a localized travel platform service for foreign tourists in Korea and provides special local travel products such as local festivals, experience/recreation events, warm interactions with Koreans, traditional food experiences, and temple stays to foreign individual travelers through online and offline means.

– www.chopstickswide.com
– Providers : Local tourism enterprises and organizations, local governments, seeking to promote to and engage with foreigners

CSW foreign customers are foreign FIT(Free individual traveler) and foreign tourists who have lived in Korea for 3 months or longer.

CSW Online Open Mall introduces and sells special tourism / recreation / experience products in Korea which are hard for foreign customers to access.

  • Cheongdo Paragliding / Daedunsan Zip Line / Gwanosa City Temple Stay.

  • Daegu Love Challenge for Foreigners / Kimchi Experience for Foreigners / Korean Traditional Market Challenge.

  • Biking & lunch / Daegu Zombie Run / Poseidon Adventure, etc.

CSW Online mall
2018 Daegu Love Challenge

CSW plans and attracts Koreans and foreigners to meet, and directs offline events and programs.

  • 30 event programs for foreigners in 2017.

  • Foreign Wine Party / Daegu Food Tour / Biking & Lunch

Hapcheon Vacance

CSW promotes special local festivals and events on-line and off-line to foreigners, attracts participants and directs offline programs.

  • Hapcheon Vacance Festival / Goryeong Daegaya Festival / Miryang Arirang Festival

  • Daegu Olle Walking Festival / Holi Hai in 2017!

  • Daegu Love Challenge /  Seomun Market Challenge / ECOMON Challenge / Etc…

Discounted tickets for Everland

CSW sells online tickets, passes, experience programs and tickets for famous tourist attractions and leisure facilities at discounted prices.

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CSW operates a social media advertising agency service that promotes products and brands to foreigners who want to visit and travel throughout Korea.

  • Samsung Everland, Lotte Duty-free shop, G-market Global etc.

CSW has been operating its Facebook fan page for about 3 years with as many as 90,000 subscribers largely consisting of domestic foreigners.

CSW is a service platform created by foreign experts who have been operating foreign blogs in Korea since 2005 and Korean IT professionals who have a history of developing and acquiring as many as 1 million online subscribers for online services.

  • IT service planning / development / operation

    – 1998 Humor University / 1st place in domestic humor content service (www.humoruniv.com)
    – 2000 i5425 web mail service / 1 million members (www.i5425.com)

  • Development and operation of domestic foreign community and online open market

    – 2005 ‘Galbijim.com’
    – 2014, ‘www.everydaykorea.com’
    – 2015 ‘www.10around.net’
    – 2016 www.chopstickswide.com

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CSW is a “Tourism venture company” certified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and designated by the Korea Tourism Organization. It is a social enterprise that seeks to revitalize the local tourism industry by attracting foreign tourists and developing local tourism products.

  • Designated as a tourism venture company in 2017

  • Preliminary social enterprise in 2017

  • Qualified Travel Agencies