3239Lodge, Enjoying Lobster in an Urban Setting

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3239Lodge, Enjoying Lobster in an Urban Setting

Do you have any idea where you can enjoy some lobster that is not necessarily near the beach but actually in a central urban area? Itaewon, which always showcases something beyond expectations, is home to some great lobster! Specifically, the famed lobster restaurant, “3239Lodge”. This upscale casual atmosphere is a welcoming sight. Also, there are terrace tables that are perfect for relaxing on a breezy, sunny day. The best menu items of 3239Lodge consist of the Lobster Platter and Surf and Turf, served with a whole lobster. A huge pan includes the great marriage of cheese slices on the lobster and side dishes, which attracts great attention especially from female diners. Side dishes cover everything from fresh salad, morning bread, to Clam chowder soup and seasoned French fries that go well with beer.

The servers kindly trim the whole lobster so that you just can enjoy every morsel. You’ll experience great entertainment that will surely thrill your sense of taste. But it’s not over yet. Pasta, the final component of the platter, is served as soon as you ask the waiter.

As for drinks, frozen Green Grape Lush is recommended which is available in two options, consisting of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, allowing for its pleasurable taste to be savored by anyone.

Location: Noksapyeong-daero 32-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact info: 02-749-1850



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